Patient & Family Video Library​

It is very important to have a care plan in place so that you or your loved one gets the care they need and no less, and the care they want and no more! We encourage you to watch these videos before your next advance care planning meeting so that you’re ready to discuss, decide and document your wishes.

Let’s Talk: The Importance of Advance Care Planning

Duration: 3:09 min.

Advance Care Planning: Discuss, Decide & Document

Duration: 2:51 min.

Documenting Your Decisions

Duration: 3:34 min.

What is Palliative & Hospice Care: Understanding Your Options​

Duration: 5:49 min.

Hospice Care: What To Expect​

Duration: 5:13 min.

An Introduction to the NJ POLST Form

Duration: 2:50 min.

Completing the NJ POLST Form

Duration: 6:20 min.

What is a Do Not Hospitalize Order (DNH)?

Duration: 1:43 min.

What is a Do Not Resuscitate Order (DNAR)?

Duration: 2:03 min.

Disease Specific Series: Dementia in LTC

Understanding Dementia

Duration: 2:44 min.


Duration: 1:26 min.

Dealing with Difficult Decisions in Dementia​

Duration: 2:14 min.

Artificial Nutrition: What You Need to Know

Duration: 2:03 min.

Coping with Caregiver Stress​

Duration: 2:22 min.