Health Professionals

Setting a New Standard of Care for People with Serious Illness

As a healthcare professional committed to providing the best and most appropriate care for patients with serious illness, you are guiding your patients through one of the most important stages of their lives.

This can obviously be a challenging time for patients and families, as they confront the need to make difficult medical decisions, and for healthcare providers, too, as this conversation can be uncomfortable. At the Goals of Care Coalition of NJ, our mission is to help alleviate some of this burden by providing resources to encourage open and direct communication between you and your patients.

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Your CarePlan

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Advance Care Planning Certificate Program

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Leading the Conversation

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Disparities in Serious Illness Care

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Cultural Competency, Proficiency, and Humility

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Billing and Coding

Icon of Let's Talk

Let's Talk: Discuss, Decide, Document

Advance care planning guides available in multiple languages.

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4Step iCare Plan

Our 4Step iCare Plan is a simple, 4-step approach that helps patients, families, and healthcare providers navigate through challenging medical decisions.

icon of NJ POLST


A POLST form will inform healthcare providers about the types of medical treatment a patient would like to receive. The form is available in multiple languages.

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2023 Impact Report

Reflecting upon a year filled with profound accomplishments, growth, and invaluable lessons. Together, we have embarked on an incredible journey.