Social Workers

Photo of social worker with a tabletEnd-of-life planning is a sensitive topic and social workers (SWs) are ideally suited to initiate and guide these discussions as they explore an individual’s values and preferences. SWs support patients living with serious illness and their families in three major aspects: address psychosocial and spiritual concerns, help facilitate the advance care planning (ACP) process or formulate advance directives (ADs), and provide grief counseling for prebereaved or bereaved family members. Although SWs may be well versed in the importance of communication, you, like all healthcare professionals, can benefit from continuing education to refine these specialized skills so you can engage more competently in effective ACP conversations.

GOCCNJ partnered with the NJ Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW-NJ) and developed a 10-hour accredited program to certify those new to ACP conversations and for seasoned professionals looking for a deeper understanding of the issues. Contact GOCCNJ to learn when the next training session will be held to earn your Advance Care Planning Certificate.

Share With Your Patients

The Let’s Talk Advance Care Planning Guidebook & Video Series and 4Step iCarePlan Resources are tools you can use with patients and families.

The NJ POLST Form & Video Series introduces patients and families to this document and explains how to complete this form with a healthcare provider.

Image of the Advance Care Planning Certificate Program Seal
Your CarePlan Quality Improvement Program
Image of the Advance Care Planning Certificate Program Seal
Advance Care Planning (ACP) Certificate Program