Get answers to “frequently asked questions” about of end-of-life care in NJ today and planning for the final stages of life from the Goals of Care Coalition of NJ.

Challenges Physicians and Patients Face

In this video Dr. Atul Gawande, Boston surgeon and author, explores the challenges physicians and patients face when it comes to death and dying. How we can live out the final chapter of our lives with clear direction and purpose?

NJHA – Palliative Care Tool Kit

This document provides helpful information about the different types of care a person may encounter at the end of life. Topics include: palliative care, hospice care, comfort care, advance directives, and more.


Cake is a free online tool that makes advance care planning and end-of-life planning easier. Answer simple questions to discover your preferences for healthcare, legal, funeral, and legacy decisions. Cake will input your answers into key documents for you, which are...