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Photo of senior father and adult son looking at laptopDeveloped by David R. Barile, MD, GOCCNJ’s Founder and Chief Medical Officer, the 4Step iCare Plan is an individualized, simple, 4-step approach to help you make difficult medical decisions. In Step 1, you will discuss your diagnosis with your doctor or other healthcare provider to gain a better understanding of your medical problems. In Step 2, you will discuss your prognosis to learn more about how it is likely to affect your future. In Step 3, you will think carefully about your personal goals and wishes. In Step 4, you and your healthcare provider will use this information to make the medical and personal choices that are best for you. The goal is to make sure that you receive the care you need and no less, and the care you want and no more.

4Step iCare Plans (PDF):

4Step iCare Plan Video Series:

Introduction to the 4Step iCare Plan

Duration: 6:13 min.
Summary: This video introduces the 4Step iCare Plan as a basic guide to help make difficult medical decisions. While describing the plan, the video also explores the importance of applying your specific wishes and personal values to a care plan. The video provides an overview of each step of the iCare Plan and provides specific examples to aid in understanding.

More on the 4Step iCare Plan

Duration: 4:51 min.
Summary: This video takes a closer look at each of the four steps of the 4Step iCare Plan.

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La introducción al plan 4Step iCare

Algo más sobre pasos en el plan 4Step iCare

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