Let’s Talk Advance Care Plan Guidebook & Video Series

Photo of senior woman and daughter flipping over a Spanish version of the Let's Talk bookletGOCCNJ’s Let’s Talk guidebook and video series will lead you through the process of advance care planning as you discuss, decide, and document your wishes for future medical treatment. You will find valuable information about why advance care planning is so important and how to map out your personal plan. It simplifies the process and eases you into taking the first step. Begin planning for future health care today!

Let’s Talk Advance Care Planning Video Series

Let’s Talk: The Importance of Advance Care Planning

Duration: 3:19 min.
Summary: This video presents information on the importance of communicating your goals of care. The video also highlights common myths and things to consider before starting advance care planning.

Advance Care Plan: Discuss, Decide, Document

Duration: 3:03 min.
Summary: This video describes what an advance care plan is and how to set the framework for completing one. The video highlights the approach to documenting your values and wishes for future medical care in writing.

What is Palliative Care and Hospice: Understanding Your Options

Duration: 5:49 min.
Summary: This video delivers information on palliative care and hospice care by exploring what each option is, when they should be considered, and why they might be a good option.

For more information about palliative care and hospice care, click here.


Duration: 5:13 min.
Summary: In this video, you will learn about hospice care, who may be eligible, where care is provided, what the Medicare hospice benefit covers, and what to expect from the hospice team.

Documenting Your Decisions

Duration: 3:47 min.
Summary: Once you have explored your wishes and goals of care, it is time to document them in writing. This video discusses three different types

icon representing Spanish languageLet’s Talk Advance Care Planning Video Series with Spanish subtitles

Hablemos: La importancia de la planeación anticipada de la atención médica

Plan anticipado de atención médica: Comunique, Decida, Documente

¿Qué son los cuidados paliativos y cuidados terminales? Entienda sus opciones

Cuidado terminal (Hospicio)

Documente sus decisiones

icon representing Chinese languageLet’s Talk Advance Care Planning Video Series with Chinese subtitles (中文字幕)

我们一起谈谈: 预先护理计划的重

预立护理计划: 讨论、决定、存档




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